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The (Great) Indian Poetry Collective is where you will find India’s finest contemporary poets celebrating diversity & innovation, a space for poets to launch conversations with the world. Our mission is for each book published by the collective to offer something unique in its vision, voice or language. We also strive to make our books just as beautiful from the outside as they are from the inside. 

Modern Indian poetry in English is a relatively new entrant in India’s poetic traditions, which have existed for more than 4000 years. However, in a span of 65 years, Indian poetry in English has carved a space of its own, with voices that are strong, exploratory and revealing, often emblematic of the challenges independent India has faced. While there are hundreds of modern Indian poets and a wide body of work produced by them, finding publishers that understand and support poetry can often be a challenge. This was one of the catalysts for creating The (Great) Indian Poetry Collective. We want to do good poetry and bring it out into the world. While English is a language that has been embraced by the world, we are proud to be part of a country that has several hundred mother tongues and 22 official languages. Our vision encompasses poetry in many, if not all of these languages.

The next few months will see a flurry of change as our collective grows. Stay tuned for updates and the announcement of our first offering.

Shikha, Minal, & Ellen (Founding Poets)


One comment on “Welcome

    December 22, 2013

    I would like to read your poetry, from where can i get a copy Shikha

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